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Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Changing the Context of Arranged Marriages

Arranged marriages are the chosen method of selecting a life partner in India. The arranged marriage can be defined as marriage promoted by the elders in the family through the use of extensive social and family networks. Sometimes third parties like matchmakers also engaged for hunting down a suitable match. There are some factors into making a suitable match are a caste, educational qualification, social status, financial status, prospects career, religion etc.

In Indian society for marriage, and love marriages were thought to be a challenge to the hierarchy of caste, consideration of class, and a form of disrespect to society. The youth of India, as well as other emerging nations, have shown a shift towards love marriages. Online Indian Matrimonial Website has contributed a lot towards the modern hybridized concept of arranged love marriage which provides an optimum blend of arranged marriage as well as love marriage.

There are currently more than twelve different matrimonial websites operating in India. The matrimonial website defines the modern version of arranged marriage is created and a website is used to encourage negotiations in marriages. They are motivated to provide information which in the conventional sense defines whether a suitable alliance can be struck up with another candidate for marriage. Most of the required information is collected during the registration process.

This concept of matrimonial negotiation being spearheaded by someone other than the person concerned is a hallmark of an arranged marriage, and in this sense matrimonial websites have held on to the fabric of cultural norms. One area where Online Indian Matrimonial Website has worked against the traditional cultural fabric is the allowance for dating. Many parents allow their sons or daughters to meet eligible partners selected via the matrimonial site to see whether they hit it off.

Many young men and women take themselves to use the matrimonial websites to choose partners with whom they can interact before selecting someone whom they really like for marriage. Matrimonial websites have not only encouraged the Western concept of dating but have also limited the dating pool to only partners meeting the required criteria. Matrimonial websites have resulted in considerable time and resource savings when it comes to bride and groom hunting.

Geographical boundaries have ceased to exist for a matrimonial website provides a uniform electronic platform that can be utilised by all. Hiring a third party negotiator, sending in print ads in newspapers and feelers through social networks is also eliminated. Discretion is another primary advantage of matrimonial websites, and mostly families want to keep the marriage negotiation process un-discussed until something concrete has been finalised. Matrimonial sites have successfully managed to blend together tradition and modernity and have helped to let several couples find their perfect partner. The future looks rosy for the virtually negotiated marriage.

Monday, 17 April 2017

Lighten Up Someone’s Life

Disability is the condition of being physically disabled. The physically disabled are handicapped like crippled, deaf and dumb as well those some form of physical deformities. They don’t have any hope to get a normal life like others. They couldn't find the partner according their preferences. Now there are many Physically Challenged Matrimonial Sites who lighten up their dark life and give the reason to live a normal life happily.

There are thousands of disabled people who face discrimination on a regular basis in many forms. Very few companies hire disabled people as it is considered more a liability than an asset in the organization. These fears are completely unfounded. Many blind and hearing impaired persons have contributed to organizations they are attached.  There are many cases of disabled personalities have done themselves proud by being their own bosses.

Their success stories include those run their own business like shops, restaurants, handicraft organizations etc as well as who have become teachers and professionals through sheer hard work and determination. Many have become successful sports persons by participating in Paralympics Games and wins medals. Those who are successful are only a handful. Many encounter discrimination. They tend to alienate themselves from society as they feel unwanted and rejected.

This initiative of Physically Challenged Matrimonial Sites helps them carefully selected person with disabilities will be married to person with or without disabilities, pre and post marriage counselling is provided to the couples to live and easy and happy married life.  The government should introduce some steps to ensure all the disabled people to education and employment. To educated society need to accept and live in harmony with the disabled, rather than treat them as burdens, need to be launched.

The awareness should start from youngsters.  Most of public infrastructure, public transport and government buildings are not disabled friendly. There has to be a concerted effort to ensure the disabled have access to these places and not feel hampered in anyway.  It is high time to accept the disabled as an important component of our society. The issues could be adding one more hurdle to persons with disabilities and their families to make it illusive and impossible. Growing up with a disability and the marriage have painfully become aware of these issues, the fear of the parents with children with disabilities and thinking the impossible that their child would be married to someone and they can relieve themselves.

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Role And Responsibility Of Matrimonial Sites

Marriage is a big responsibility. Compatibility matters when it comes to the pairings of a couple. These days free matrimonial services play an important role in this busy society when parents and kids have don’t enough time. In Indian society, marriage is a long term relationship which plays a brisk utilization in life.

These married sites have information as per the association and religion according to the person’s choice. These sites have a database of brides and grooms information can be exchanged. The biggest reason for the popularity of matrimonial sites has the blessings of traditional parents looking at getting their wards married because these sites haven’t tried to turn into dating. 

It is used by young people and their families in search of partners who will be more similar to what they want in real life, based on their value system, social standing, and other such parameters. These free matrimonial services are user-friendly whether youngsters or the elderly in the family or anyone can access these websites easily.

These websites have special features like privacy which helps to keep the identity of both the parties with limited genuine parties and not revealed to the random public which makes comfortable of using it.  Many other features which are attractive to the users are photo protection which does not allow anyone to copy or download the pictures with verified phone numbers, contact filters, which help both the bride and the groom for easy contact. Other friendly features include match alerts that are sent by a website to a registered member as prospective grooms or brides through their personal email and other such messaging services. 

Matrimonial sites come as an easy way to search the perfect match. These serve are the modern way to find the compatible pattern of a person’s choice. Free matrimonial services have a responsibility to ease off and catering all needs of matchmaking. These sites have been accepted by people in India as it’s a smart way to get the spouse on the basis of community and other preferences.

These matrimonial sites work differently in comparison to the print media work in newspapers. These sites reach out to thousands of singles across the world while the later one is accessible to a selected audience only. People from various corners of the globe can contact via email. The chances of getting harm are also lesser once being registered with the site.

By opting conference desired preferences and start establishing communication with people by free chatting services which is the most important feature of these free matrimonial sites that enables to decide quickly. Another important factor is that the profiles of the users’ site are uploaded after proper verification. Being a registered member, a person can interact with other interested people through proper communication.

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Changing Trend Of Marriages In India

Matrimonial sites have completely changed the way of weddings in India. Matrimony sites are online portals that arranged a marriage for Indians who want to go through an arranged marriage as well as the parents who are looking for suitable matches for their sons or daughters. Matrimony sites are mostly based on religion or community as most Indians prefers arranged marriages to marry in their religion or caste. 

Now the role of marriage broker and the joint family’s social network has been replaced by online Indian matrimonial websites. There are many matrimonial sites which make a remarkable journey of marriage. Marriage is a social union between Man and Woman in which interpersonal relationships are acknowledged in a variety of ways depending on the culture in which it is established and these are formalized through a wedding ceremony that is called matrimony.

Matrimonial websites are a variation of the standard dating websites. Matrimonial sites are popular in India and mostly among those Indians who has been settled overseas that has been acting as an alternative to traditional marriage broker. Indians are actively using online Indian matrimonial website in the world for marriage. 

There are millions of users who use online matrimonial sites for marriage purpose and these users collectively access more than hundreds of matrimonial sites which can operate at the regional as well as national level. Now the people from every area whether it’s urban or rural all the society use matrimonial sites as its easy.

There are services like wedding directory, pre-marriage counseling services, express matrimony services etc. A research shows that a maximum number of matrimonial site users have started using the Internet for matrimony. Most of the online Indian matrimonial website users belong to the Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, and Bangalore because of their busy schedule.

There are features like regional registration, smart search option, live messenger, voice SMS system. The matrimonial website is a service that employs many sophisticated algorithms and superior privacy options which calculate the potential and compatibility of couples and gives recommendations. 

Some of the matrimonial site focuses only on individuals who are divorced or are widowed who aimed towards facilitation of remarriage in India. According to a survey, the joint family system in India has been slowly giving way to the nuclear family due to westernization. The joint family is not only meant living with extended family in the same house even it having most family members living in the same street or town.

They are not living in close contact with extended family members automatically which imposes limitations on the ability of parents to find suitable matches from the same community. Matrimony sites help parents to locate prospective matches within the same community or caste and this is the reasons now the parents prefer to sign up with matrimony sites.