Monday, 17 April 2017

Lighten Up Someone’s Life

Disability is the condition of being physically disabled. The physically disabled are handicapped like crippled, deaf and dumb as well those some form of physical deformities. They don’t have any hope to get a normal life like others. They couldn't find the partner according their preferences. Now there are many Physically Challenged Matrimonial Sites who lighten up their dark life and give the reason to live a normal life happily.

There are thousands of disabled people who face discrimination on a regular basis in many forms. Very few companies hire disabled people as it is considered more a liability than an asset in the organization. These fears are completely unfounded. Many blind and hearing impaired persons have contributed to organizations they are attached.  There are many cases of disabled personalities have done themselves proud by being their own bosses.

Their success stories include those run their own business like shops, restaurants, handicraft organizations etc as well as who have become teachers and professionals through sheer hard work and determination. Many have become successful sports persons by participating in Paralympics Games and wins medals. Those who are successful are only a handful. Many encounter discrimination. They tend to alienate themselves from society as they feel unwanted and rejected.

This initiative of Physically Challenged Matrimonial Sites helps them carefully selected person with disabilities will be married to person with or without disabilities, pre and post marriage counselling is provided to the couples to live and easy and happy married life.  The government should introduce some steps to ensure all the disabled people to education and employment. To educated society need to accept and live in harmony with the disabled, rather than treat them as burdens, need to be launched.

The awareness should start from youngsters.  Most of public infrastructure, public transport and government buildings are not disabled friendly. There has to be a concerted effort to ensure the disabled have access to these places and not feel hampered in anyway.  It is high time to accept the disabled as an important component of our society. The issues could be adding one more hurdle to persons with disabilities and their families to make it illusive and impossible. Growing up with a disability and the marriage have painfully become aware of these issues, the fear of the parents with children with disabilities and thinking the impossible that their child would be married to someone and they can relieve themselves.


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