Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Changing Trend Of Marriages In India

Matrimonial sites have completely changed the way of weddings in India. Matrimony sites are online portals that arranged a marriage for Indians who want to go through an arranged marriage as well as the parents who are looking for suitable matches for their sons or daughters. Matrimony sites are mostly based on religion or community as most Indians prefers arranged marriages to marry in their religion or caste. 

Now the role of marriage broker and the joint family’s social network has been replaced by online Indian matrimonial websites. There are many matrimonial sites which make a remarkable journey of marriage. Marriage is a social union between Man and Woman in which interpersonal relationships are acknowledged in a variety of ways depending on the culture in which it is established and these are formalized through a wedding ceremony that is called matrimony.

Matrimonial websites are a variation of the standard dating websites. Matrimonial sites are popular in India and mostly among those Indians who has been settled overseas that has been acting as an alternative to traditional marriage broker. Indians are actively using online Indian matrimonial website in the world for marriage. 

There are millions of users who use online matrimonial sites for marriage purpose and these users collectively access more than hundreds of matrimonial sites which can operate at the regional as well as national level. Now the people from every area whether it’s urban or rural all the society use matrimonial sites as its easy.

There are services like wedding directory, pre-marriage counseling services, express matrimony services etc. A research shows that a maximum number of matrimonial site users have started using the Internet for matrimony. Most of the online Indian matrimonial website users belong to the Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, and Bangalore because of their busy schedule.

There are features like regional registration, smart search option, live messenger, voice SMS system. The matrimonial website is a service that employs many sophisticated algorithms and superior privacy options which calculate the potential and compatibility of couples and gives recommendations. 

Some of the matrimonial site focuses only on individuals who are divorced or are widowed who aimed towards facilitation of remarriage in India. According to a survey, the joint family system in India has been slowly giving way to the nuclear family due to westernization. The joint family is not only meant living with extended family in the same house even it having most family members living in the same street or town.

They are not living in close contact with extended family members automatically which imposes limitations on the ability of parents to find suitable matches from the same community. Matrimony sites help parents to locate prospective matches within the same community or caste and this is the reasons now the parents prefer to sign up with matrimony sites.


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